“Venom So Sweet”: New Play By Roger Gregg Presented By Little Shadow Theatre Company


Roger Gregg, Author of “Venom So Sweet”, who also plays “Legion” in the piece.

Having climbed the many steps to Theatre Upstairs, the audience enters the theatre to discover we have in fact descended into the murky depths inhabited by the soul of Legion and his three demonic companions.

Played by the author of Venom So Sweet, Roger Gregg, and named after his biblical antecedent (Mark 5:9), Legion is a wild-eyed, bearded conman-preacher, plying his trade among the frontiersmen and “savages” on the American West in the 19th century. As we enter, he is suspended in chains from the wooden supports in a hellish mineshaft. The smoky atmosphere and the ethereal vocal harmonies of his companions draw us down into this claustrophobic netherworld.

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“The World Of Journalism Is Broken” Says Press Ombudsman Peter Feeney

  • Declining circulation & advertising have hit print journalism
  • Online news sources growing in influence, but print journalism still provides greater depth of coverage
  • Ombudsman acknowledges failure of Irish Press Council to adequately encompass online journalism


Peter Feeney, who has been Press Ombudsman since September 2014, made the remarks in a talk given to students at Rathmines College of Further Education¬†yesterday. Mr. Feeney said that the “business model” of journalism has radically altered in recent years, with more and more people relying on online sources for news. However, he pointed out the difference between the way people use online and traditional printed news sources. People tend to turn to online sources for a “quick read” of the latest updates, whereas print news sources, he maintained, provide more space, depth of coverage and background coverage of news. Continue reading