International March For Science In Dublin

Scientists and those wishing to express their support took part in the Dublin event as part of the International March for Science today.

About 600 people gathered at Grand Canal Square and marched to Government buildings. The march was one of a number held around the world. Organisers said the marches champion “robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity”.

Among those at the Dublin march, which was avowedly non-partisan or party political, were Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and former President Mary Robinson.

Easter Rising Commemoration: A Family Affair

This weekend sees the annual commemoration events associated with the anniversary of the 1916 rising. But what is it like when your own family memories and stories are melded with history, with the memories and stories of the nation itself?

For no one is this more true than for the relatives of those who took part in the rising, and particularly for those who are related to the seven leaders, the signatories of the Proclamation itself.

Last year, the 100th anniversary of the Rising, I spoke to one such person, Honor O’Brolcháin (You can listen to the interview in the embedded audio clip).

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Soundhire’s Larry Lynch Talks About Life On The Road With Horslips In The Eary 70s

Update 6/4/18

I just learned that Larry died yesterday. Very sad to see him go. Wonderful man. In small tribute to a real old school Dublin gent, here is the documentary from which the below clip was taken, in its entirety. Thanks a million, Larry.

Original post

Larry Lynch has been hiring out sound equipment to bands from his Soundhire shop in Ranelagh since 1971. In the 1970s he supplied the likes of Thin Lizzy, Horslips and later The Boomtown Rats.

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How I Made Friends With My Neighbour The Robin

Around this time last year I moved into a new house in Ballsbridge and as usual it took a while to settle in and get to know the neighbours. Among the friendliest of the local residents were a couple of robins who quickly became constant companions on my visits to my back yard. Admittedly I had to do most of the work conversationally, but they cocked their heads and hopped around me enthusiastically and appeared to be the most interested in me of all the locals.
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Protests Against Romanian Government By Romanian Groups In Ireland Held Outside Romanian Embassy In Dublin

Romanian citizens in Ireland, echoing the concerns of their compatriots in Romania have been holding a series of protests outside the Romanian Embassy in Waterloo Road in Dublin.

Romanian protestors outside the Romanian Embassy in Dublin, January 31 2017

Comunitatea Românilor din Ireland (Romanian Community of Ireland) has released statements expressing concern about the recent attempts by the Romanain government to pass legislation which would decriminalise abuse of power offences where the amount of money involved is below a certain level. The group is specifically concerned that the current unrest in Romania, where the government has just survived a vote of no confidence, is adversely affecting the attitude of host countries to members of the Romanian diaspora. Continue reading

Grand Old Lady Of Rebel Row

No 9 Belgrave Rd today. The plaque to the left of the door commemorates Dr. Kathleen Lynn who lived in the house from 1903–1955.

No 9 Belgrave Rd today. The plaque to the left of the door commemorates Dr. Kathleen Lynn who lived in the house from 1903–1955.

Period redbrick houses in Dublin 6 are among the most desirable of residences for many. This is due in part to the elegance of their high ceilings, large reception rooms joined with classic double doors, big sash windows and, if you’re lucky, intact mouldings, ceiling roses, stairways and fireplaces. Then there’s the location of the old Victorian suburbs like Rathmines which offer walking distance to the City Centre coupled with the graceful old tree-lined roads and parks of the period. Continue reading

Nine Carols And Nine Lessons

This time of year is full of countdowns. Sleeps until Christmas, the Twelve Days, the chocolate countdown of the Advent calendar…

Cadbury's Advent Calendar

Cadbury’s Advent Calendar

But one of the more wholesome staples of our Christmas numerological experience is the classic service of nine carols and nine readings. It began in Truro in Cornwall with a service on Christmas Eve in 1880 organised by Bishop Benson, which has survived unaltered in essence to the present day.

Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral

Truro cathedral was being rebuilt at the time, and that 1880 service took place in a temporary wooden building which served as a cathedral for the duration of those works. It has been said that an ulterior motive to creating this ecclesiastical entertainment was to keep people out of the bars on Christmas Eve. It seems just as likely, however, that it was an effort to create an accessible liturgical narrative. With singing. Everybody likes singing at a party. Continue reading

Eamonn O’Doherty’s Crann an Óir Was Unveiled 25 Years Ago Today

Sculptor, Eamonn O'Doherty

Sculptor, Eamonn O’Doherty

Sculptor Eamonn O’Doherty’s iconic Crann an Óir sculpture was unveiled by the then Taoiseach Charles J. Haughey on this day in 1991.

Although the Central Bank is due to move to new premises which should be finished by the end of the year, it was reported in August that the Crann an Óir will stay at its present site, despite earlier indications that it would be moved.

Derry-born sculptor O’Doherty, who died in 2011, lectured in architecture in DIT Bolton Street and elsewhere. He received a number of commissions for public sculptures including those in the slideshow below.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Philip R. Lane, is to host a lunch for family and colleagues of the late sculptor to mark the 25th anniversary of the statue’s unveiling.

Crann Oir
Crann Oir outside the Central Bank in Dame Street. Eamonn O'Doherty's sculpture was unveiled 25 years ago today.
James Connolly Memorial
O'Doherty's James Connolly Memorial in Beresford Place
Great Hunger Memorial
O'Doherty's Great Hunger Memorial in Westchester, New York
Emigrants Sculpture
The Emigrants sculpture in O'Doherty's native Derry.

Tallaght Hospital Pain Consultant Gives Evidence In Personal Injury Case Against Portlaoise Hospital & HSE.

Four Courts, Dublin (Public Domain Image)

The Four Courts, Dublin

This afternoon in the High Court before Mr. Justice Cross, Dr. Patrick Power, a pain consultant at Tallaght Hospital, gave evidence in the case of Thomas Hill who is suing Portlaoise Hospital and the Midland Health Board over damage to his ureter caused during an operation to remove kidney stones.

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Doctor Millar And The Cute Hoors Will Release that Difficult Second Album After More Than 20 Years Pause For Thought

Earlier this year I spoke with Sean (Doctor) Millar about the resurrection of 90s cult band Doctor Millar And the Cute Hoors after a hitaus of 20 years or more since they formed in London in the early 90s.

We spoke about how they came together, how they then became a little known casualty of Italia ’90, and how they recently came back together and played and found that it was good.

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