Easter Rising Commemoration: A Family Affair

This weekend sees the annual commemoration events associated with the anniversary of the 1916 rising. But what is it like when your own family memories and stories are melded with history, with the memories and stories of the nation itself?

For no one is this more true than for the relatives of those who took part in the rising, and particularly for those who are related to the seven leaders, the signatories of the Proclamation itself.

Last year, the 100th anniversary of the Rising, I spoke to one such person, Honor O’Brolcháin (You can listen to the interview in the embedded audio clip).

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Soundhire’s Larry Lynch Talks About Life On The Road With Horslips In The Eary 70s

Update 6/4/18

I just learned that Larry died yesterday. Very sad to see him go. Wonderful man. In small tribute to a real old school Dublin gent, here is the documentary from which the below clip was taken, in its entirety. Thanks a million, Larry.

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Larry Lynch has been hiring out sound equipment to bands from his Soundhire shop in Ranelagh since 1971. In the 1970s he supplied the likes of Thin Lizzy, Horslips and later The Boomtown Rats.

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Old VO Demo (Warning; Contains “Uranus” Gag)


Came across this today whilst pretending to do something else. It’s a VO demo I wrote and recorded at Beacon Studios about a thousand years ago, with the inimitable Noel Storey pushing the buttons on the desk. It’s a fairly good example of how not to do a demo in that it’s quite good fun, but lacks the requisite shiteness of tone. It made me chuckle a little, which is the main thing.

Dermot Carmody VO Demo

Words and talking ©2002 Dermot Carmody.Recorded by Noel Storey @ Beacon Studios.

Tractor Song

In some sort of sympathy with protesting farmers I present you with my song about one man’s love for a tractor. Indeed, for all tractors. As it contains both the line “Nothing is better than a Zetor” and the line “I was cheap with a Jeep”, I am very fond of it.

Tractor Song

Words and music ©2005 Dermot Carmody. Singing & playing by Dermot was recorded by Niall O’Sullivan.

Absolutely Invulnerable Bank

Wouldn’t it be great to get back to the good old days when the banks seemed to have everybody’s money and then some extra magic money on top of that. It was business as usual in those days.

This is an episode of the radio show based on the 2irish web siteI did along with Morgan C Jones at the turn of the century. The programmes were recorded in 2000 and aired on what was then Lite FM radio in Dublin. This one deals with the issue of over-charging of customers by the banks, specifically by AIB, or “Absolutely Invulnerable Bank”. Nowadays overcharging a few million is in the ha’penny place since the banks are charging everybody €3.5 billion a go for nothing specific. But it was a big deal at the time and I still like the bit where the bank’s spokesbastard releases the vicious pigs…



(2irish Shortwave Audio News Download Link)