International March For Science In Dublin

Scientists and those wishing to express their support took part in the Dublin event as part of the International March for Science today.

About 600 people gathered at Grand Canal Square and marched to Government buildings. The march was one of a number held around the world. Organisers said the marches champion “robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity”.

Among those at the Dublin march, which was avowedly non-partisan or party political, were Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and former President Mary Robinson.

How I Made Friends With My Neighbour The Robin

Around this time last year I moved into a new house in Ballsbridge and as usual it took a while to settle in and get to know the neighbours. Among the friendliest of the local residents were a couple of robins who quickly became constant companions on my visits to my back yard. Admittedly I had to do most of the work conversationally, but they cocked their heads and hopped around me enthusiastically and appeared to be the most interested in me of all the locals.
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Protests Against Romanian Government By Romanian Groups In Ireland Held Outside Romanian Embassy In Dublin

Romanian citizens in Ireland, echoing the concerns of their compatriots in Romania have been holding a series of protests outside the Romanian Embassy in Waterloo Road in Dublin.

Romanian protestors outside the Romanian Embassy in Dublin, January 31 2017

Comunitatea Românilor din Ireland (Romanian Community of Ireland) has released statements expressing concern about the recent attempts by the Romanain government to pass legislation which would decriminalise abuse of power offences where the amount of money involved is below a certain level. The group is specifically concerned that the current unrest in Romania, where the government has just survived a vote of no confidence, is adversely affecting the attitude of host countries to members of the Romanian diaspora. Continue reading