Doctor Millar And The Cute Hoors Will Release that Difficult Second Album After More Than 20 Years Pause For Thought

Earlier this year I spoke with Sean (Doctor) Millar about the resurrection of 90s cult band Doctor Millar And the Cute Hoors after a hitaus of 20 years or more since they formed in London in the early 90s.

We spoke about how they came together, how they then became a little known casualty of Italia ’90, and how they recently came back together and played and found that it was good.

Following on from the sessions we talk about in the audio piece above, The Cute Hoors will soon release their long awaited follow-up to 1990’s album Gig. That was a live album which they never really liked and this is a studio album, which they like very much.

A single You Are Not My Kind is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify and, as seen below, is on YouTube as an official video.

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