Gormley’s Asylum And Gogarty’s Green Reich

Here’s an extract from the Green Party policy document on Human Rights & Mental Health (the full text is on the Green Party web site here).

We regard this Government’s plans to re-locate the Central Mental Hospital to a site alongside the planned Thornton Prison as being totally unacceptable. Such a move will accentuate the stigma and isolation/social exclusion of the mentally ill.

There’s much to admire in that document, including sensible warnings about a crass and improperly thought out policy of unsupported “care in the community” as well as the genuine concerns regarding the stigmatisation and marginilisation of those with serious mental health problems as in the example above. Continue reading

Absolutely Invulnerable Bank

Wouldn’t it be great to get back to the good old days when the banks seemed to have everybody’s money and then some extra magic money on top of that. It was business as usual in those days.

This is an episode of the radio show based on the 2irish web siteI did along with Morgan C Jones at the turn of the century. The programmes were recorded in 2000 and aired on what was then Lite FM radio in Dublin. This one deals with the issue of over-charging of customers by the banks, specifically by AIB, or “Absolutely Invulnerable Bank”. Nowadays overcharging a few million is in the ha’penny place since the banks are charging everybody €3.5 billion a go for nothing specific. But it was a big deal at the time and I still like the bit where the bank’s spokesbastard releases the vicious pigs…



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