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Documentary: Sound Man

Sound Man is a half-hour radio documentary about Larry Lynch, the owner of Soundhire in Ranelagh. Larry was a pioneer in sound equipment hire when he opened the shop in what had been his father’s greengrocer’s in the 1970s. Prior to that Larry himself had a brief and eccentric muso career with his band The Long-haired Drags. Larry hired out equipment to Horslips, Thin Lizzy and The Boomtown Rats in the heyday of the Irish rock scene in the 70s. He relates some of his tales from that time and also talks about Ranelagh, a village full of characters of whom Larry himself is by no means the least. The programme also contains interviews with Larry’s son, Jess and broadcaster and musician John Keogh.

The following is a private link to the documentary on Copyright of the programme remains with the producer Dermot Carmody and the granting of access to this link is purely for professional portfolio purposes and does not imply a right to share or distribute the content.

Weekly series on Dublin City FM: Dublin Discoveries

Dublin Discoveries is broadcasted every Friday at 3.30pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM (streamed live at In Dublin Discoveries, I travel round Dublin city and county seeking out places and people that contribute to our rich cultural, architectural and historical landscape. From the quirky to the magnificent there are discoveries waiting to be made everywhere.

This slot was occupied for several years by Denis Goodbody’s Dublin Explorer. When he found this year that he could no longer devote the time to producing the shows, Denis suggested that I take over the show. The first few went out under Denis’ original title but have since been re-titled Dublin Explorer.

Programmes produced for Dublin City FM are copyright of the station and the links below are provided for professional portfolio purposes and may no be shared or redistributed in any form.

Dublin Discoveries: Tenement Museum in Henrietta Street

Broadcasted on 8/9/2017, this show features the Tenement Museum in 14 Henrietta Street, which is due to open in November 2017. Dublin City Council Heritage Officer, Charles Duggan, walks me round the building and talks about its history, the work done on its restoration and adaptation and plans for the permanent museum opening shortly.

Dublin Discoveries 8/9/2017

Dublin Discoveries: A Tale Of Two Townships

Broadcasted on 1/9/2017, this show visits the neighbouring historical Dublin townships of Pembroke and Rathmines and Rathgar, and features an interview with Susan Roundtree, conservation architect and local historian, who was formerly Heritage Officer with Dublin City Council.

Dublin Discoveries 1/9/2017

Dublin Discoveries: Eamonn O’Doherty

Broadcasted on 25/8/2017, this show takes a brief tour of some of the public works in Dublin by sculptor Eamonn O’Doherty, from the Connolly Memorial, via the Anna Livia and Protogonos at St James’s Hospital, to the Crann an Oir on Central Bank Plaza, and chats about the man and his life with his friend and sister-in-law, Honor O’Brolchain.

Dublin Discoveries 25/8/2017

Features for Hot Press

Feature articles which I wrote for Hot Press in 2005 – 2006 are archived on the magazine’s web site here.

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