Protests Against Romanian Government By Romanian Groups In Ireland Held Outside Romanian Embassy In Dublin

Romanian citizens in Ireland, echoing the concerns of their compatriots in Romania have been holding a series of protests outside the Romanian Embassy in Waterloo Road in Dublin.

Romanian protestors outside the Romanian Embassy in Dublin, January 31 2017

Comunitatea Românilor din Ireland (Romanian Community of Ireland) has released statements expressing concern about the recent attempts by the Romanain government to pass legislation which would decriminalise abuse of power offences where the amount of money involved is below a certain level. The group is specifically concerned that the current unrest in Romania, where the government has just survived a vote of no confidence, is adversely affecting the attitude of host countries to members of the Romanian diaspora.

Romanian protestors outside the Romanian Embassy in Dublin, Febraury 3 2017. Drivers passing by sounded car horns in apparent support.

Late last year there were also protests, organised by by Romanian citizens at the embassy over concerns that the diaspora were not being adequately facilitated in their efforts to vote in the Romanian general election of November 2016. A press release signed “Romanian Diaspora” calling the protest was posted on the website of Grupul Rom├ónilor din Irlanda (Romanian Group of Ireland) dated November 9 2016.

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