Doctor Millar And The Cute Hoors Will Release that Difficult Second Album After More Than 20 Years Pause For Thought

Earlier this year I spoke with Sean (Doctor) Millar about the resurrection of 90s cult band Doctor Millar And the Cute Hoors after a hitaus of 20 years or more since they formed in London in the early 90s.

We spoke about how they came together, how they then became a little known casualty of Italia ’90, and how they recently came back together and played and found that it was good.

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Tractor Song

In some sort of sympathy with protesting farmers I present you with my song about one man’s love for a tractor. Indeed, for all tractors. As it contains both the line “Nothing is better than a Zetor” and the line “I was cheap with a Jeep”, I am very fond of it.

Tractor Song

Words and music ©2005 Dermot Carmody. Singing & playing by Dermot was recorded by Niall O’Sullivan.