Tallaght Hospital Pain Consultant Gives Evidence In Personal Injury Case Against Portlaoise Hospital & HSE.

Four Courts, Dublin (Public Domain Image)

The Four Courts, Dublin

This afternoon in the High Court before Mr. Justice Cross, Dr. Patrick Power, a pain consultant at Tallaght Hospital, gave evidence in the case of Thomas Hill who is suing Portlaoise Hospital and the Midland Health Board over damage to his ureter caused during an operation to remove kidney stones.

Dr. Power described the multidisciplinary treatment of chronic pain patients like Mr. Hill, including counselling and psychiatric treatment, as well as the use, under his supervision, of neural blocks in an attempt to alleviate renal pain. He described Mr. Hill as “restricted socially” and “putting the best face on it” in the context of constant pain throughout his treatment of the patient.

Under cross examination, Dr. Power declined to comment on specifics of the case outside his area of expertise and explained that his use of lumbar sympathetic blocks was not an attempt to treat back pain, but was an attempt to counteract renal pain. Presented with evidence of a psychiatrist’s letter referring to Mr. Hill’s back pain, Dr. Power also pointed out that the primary competency of a psychiatrist was not the location of patient’s pain.

The case continues.

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